Carsten’s Corner – Customizing Spooled File Panels with Spooled File Actions

System i release 6.1 added the option of customizing various spooled file panels with your own list actions. This new facility allows you to perform commands and actions in an exit program against one or more spooled files shown in the list panels displayed when running any of the following system commands:

  • Work with Printer Output (WRKSPLF ASTLVL(*BASIC))
  • Work with Spooled Files (WRKSPLF ASTLVL(*INTERMED))
  • Work with Job Spooled Files (WRKJOB OPTION(*SPLF))
  • Work with Output Queue (WRKOUTQ Output queue name)
  • Work with Spooled File Status (WRKSPLF DSPFMT(*S36FMT))

You add a customized option by registering an exit program performing the list action in question using the registration facility for exit point QIBM_QSP_SPLF_LSTACT. You specify your exit program and the option you’d like to add in the range of A to Z as input to the exit program registration. You can only register one exit program for each option.

Once registered, your exit program is called whenever the specified option is entered for one or more spooled files in the list panels servicing the above array of system commands. When the system calls the exit program all spooled files attributes uniquely identifying the selected spooled file is passed in a data structure as a parameter to the exit program, thereby providing the means for you to perform various actions against the spooled file in the exit program.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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