Keeping System Resource Security Under Control

Effectively securing your system’s resources in terms of applications and business data takes a lot of effort. It also requires a well-devised strategy as well as comprehensive planning and implementation measures. As in many of life’s circumstances, good intentions will take you only part of the way. Upon successful completion of all planned activities, you’ll […]

Carsten’s Corner: Update All Object Authority Attributes in One Single Step

In my recent article presenting the Copy User Authority (CPYUSRAUT) and the Start Program Adoption (STRPGMADP) commands, I mentioned a requirement I was facing some time ago. As part of an attempt to streamline the move-object-to-production process, I wanted to create a function that would set the object ownership, object primary group, object authorization list […]

Carsten’s Corner: New Utility to Compare Object Authority

Managing object authority requires control of a number of object attributes: object ownership, object private authorities, object primary group, and object authorization list, just to mention the most common properties involved. In addition, database file objects support field-level authority, and program objects define how the program interacts with adopted authority. As for the latter, programs […]