The New Retrieve Query Attributes Command

A while ago there was a discussion in the System iNetwork forums taking its point of origin in the requirement of retrieving a job’s currently query attributes. This link will take you to the forum thread mentioned. A long time contributor in the forums, Elvis Budimlic of Centerfield Technology, chimed in and suggested how this […]

The Query Attributes Suite Finale: Set User Query Attributes

Today, I will present the final pieces of the puzzle that is the User Query Attribute command suite. In previous issues of this newsletter, I have provided the following User Query Attribute commands: Add User Query Attributes (ADDUSRQRYA) Change User Query Attributes (CHGUSRQRYA) Remove User Query Attributes (RMVUSRQRYA) Work with User Query Attributes (WRKUSRQRYA) Using […]

Expanding on the Query Governor Control System for V5R4

In my previous article, Query Governor Control System for V5R4, I presented the ADDUSRQRYA (Add User Query Attributes), CHGUSRQRYA (Change User Query Attributes), and RMVUSRQRYA (Remove User Query Attributes) commands. Today, I combine these three user query attributes commands with the Work with User Query Attributes (WRKUSRQRYA) command, which offers a convenient and useful interface […]

Query Governor Control System for V5R4

Are you sick of queries eating your lunch? In this and upcoming issues of the newsletter, Carsten provides us with a control system for easily managing query attributes and optimizing query performance by User Profile. The control system consists partly of the custom-written commands presented here, including ADDUSRQRYA (Add User Query Attributes), CHGUSRQRYA (Change User […]

Query/400: Scanning for the Percent Symbol

Follow these steps to scan for the percent symbol (%) using the LIKE or NLIKE test in Query/400: 1. Create a table to convert the percent symbol: CrtTbl Tbl( QGPL/WLDCRDQRY ) SrcFile( *PROMPT ) TblType( *CVT ) 2. Scroll down to input hexadecimal value X’6C’ (which signifies the percent symbol) and replace the output value, […]