APIs by Example: Display Partition Information, and a DSPSYSCFG Command Update

In the preceding issue of APIs by Example (“Tricky Retrieve APIs and How to Process the Receiver Variable,” August 26, 2010, article ID 65412), I left you with a promise to provide a Display Partition Information (DSPPTNINF) command. The foundation for a DSPPTNINF command is naturally the Retrieve Partition Information (dlpar_get_info) API, which was introduced with release 5.3. So in today’s issue of APIs by Example, I discuss the dlpar_get_info API as well as introduce you to the DSPPTNINF command.

In the aforementioned article, the DSPPTNINF command was referenced on the display panel of the Display System Configuration DSPSYSCFG command presented in that article. Following the distribution of that issue of the Programming Tips newsletter, I received an email from Bryan Dietz conveying the following information: “Starting with release 5.3 IBM has started ‘point’ releases, i.e., V5R3M0 of OS and V5R3M5 of Licensed Internal Code (LIC). The same applies for release 5.4 and in release 6.1 there is a LIC version V6R1M1.” I didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity, so with this article, I also include an update of the DSPSYSCFG command supporting the relatively new LIC release information.

Bryan also noted that in release 5.4, IBM added a Licensed Internal Code VRM option to the Materialize Machine Attributes (MATMATR) built-in, and he kindly included the code for both this built-in as well as a release 5.3 workaround employing the Retrieve Product Information (QSZRTVPR) API to obtain the LIC VRM. I’ve added both code snippets to the DSPSYSCFG CPP and the LIC VRM information to the command’s display panel and help text panel group.

While I was at it, I also changed the UIM Display Panel API to keep the current page when function key F5 is pressed in order to refresh the display panel. Some of the information specified on page 2 reflects the current usage of the system resources and is therefore subject to constant change. Keeping the page displayed when pressing function key F5 allows you to better compare the readings displayed and to note the actual differences. You’ll find the updated DSPSYSCFG source members with this week’s source code zip file. A big thank you to Bryan for both the information and the code provided.

The dlpar_get_info API and is different from the typical API as it is also indicated by the C-style documentation explaining it in the General Configuration APIs section of the online API manual.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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