APIs by Example: Check Object Authority

In this installment of APIs by Example, Carsten presents a CHKOBJAUT (Check Object Authority) command. This utility allows you to search a library for objects created after a given date that do not meet a particular criteria in their authority settings. For example, you can use this utility to find all programs created in the […]

Blocking Adopted Authority Propagation

Adopted authority is an attribute of programs, service programs, and SQL packages that, when invoked, passes the authority of its owner to program users — in effect giving the program users their own authorities plus the authority of the program, service program, or SQL package’s owner. The user keeps this augmented authority for as long […]

APIs by Example: Creating A User Queue

In this installment of APIs by Example, Carsten Flensburg demonstrates how to create a command definition for the Create User Queue (QUSCRTUQ) API. The result is a CRTUSRQ command that you can easily use in your CL programs. This command’s counterpart, the DLTUSRQ command, comes with OS/400 and does not need to be created manually. […]