The Print SSL Trace Data (PRTSSLTRC) command

I think the most common reason for investigating a server’s SSL connections and the protocol version associated with these connections is tightly related to audit and compliance. The type of encryption applied to your SSL traffic can be more or less vulnerable, depending on the cipher algorithms involved. In general you have two considerations to […]

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Table Utilities

In the September 17, 2003, issue, Carsten Flensburg published a utility that printed the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table. The ARP table ties Ethernet addresses, which are unique for every Ethernet device, to IP addresses. Carsten’s utility printed all the ARP entries corresponding to a given network line name. In this issue’s utility, Carsten enhances […]

APIs by Example: TCP/IP Management APIs, Part 2

Last week’s installment of Carsten Flensburg’s APIs by Example featured three TCP/IP management APIs: Retrieve TCP/IP attributes (QtocRtvTCPA), List Network Connections (QtocLstNetCnn), and List Network Connection Data (QtocRtvNetCnnDta). This week’s example complements last week’s code by letting you retrieve the same information that’s available in IBM’s WrkTCPSts command. Two sample programs are provided. The first, […]