APIs by Example: Journal APIs Solving Spooled Files Mysteries

The collection of journal and commit APIs includes a number of very useful and powerful APIs. Some of the most prominent candidates for this designation include the Retrieve Journal Entries (QjoRetrieveJournalEntries) API, the Retrieve Journal Information (QjoRetrieveJournalInformation) API and the Retrieve Journal Receiver Information (QjoRtvJrnReceiverInformation) API. Although the API names certainly are long, the code […]

Writing RPG Code Then and Now

It recently occurred to me that I’ve been programming longer than I’ve done anything else in my professional life. It’s scary — there’s still so much to learn and comprehend, and so many hard-acquired skills seem to last only so long before emerging new technologies, methodologies, and programming languages du jour take over the agenda. […]

Backing Up Spooled Files in V5R4

Now that you are running or preparing to run V5R4, don’t forget the goodies. V5R4 provides a native capability to save and restore spooled files. Previously, you had to build or buy your own program to create a savable/restorable version of a spooled file. While IBM provided some spooled file APIs to help you to […]

Automatic Spool Rerouting

This issue’s utility by Carsten Flensburg is similar to last issue’s utility in that it shows how to process data queue entries sent to a data queue attached to a spool output queue. These data queue entries are generated each time a spool file with a Ready (RDY) status is created on the output queue. […]