Working with Job IFS Object Locks

APIs by Example. In “APIs by Example: Working with IFS Object Locks,” I discussed the options to identify jobs that are currently locking or accessing a specific object in the IFS. Likewise, you sometimes need to determine which IFS objects a specific job is locking or accessing. For objects in the QSYS.LIB file system,there are […]

Working with IFS Object Locks

APIs by Example When you need to locate the jobs currently holding locks against a specific object in the library file system QSYS.LIB, you can immediately do so using the Work with Object Locks (WRKOBJLCK) CL command. However, we presently have no similar command for objects in the IFS. Other options already exist, though. One […]

APIs by Example: Change IFS Attributes

This installment of APIs by Example presents the CHGIFSATR (Change IFS Attributes) command. The command is based on the Qp0lSetAttr API, which will set or, to use another term, change a given IFS object attribute. Unlike the Qp0lGetAttr (Get Attributes) API, which uses the same attribute buffer, the Qp0lSetAttr API is only capable of handling […]

IFS Journal Monitor

In the last issue, Carsten Flensburg presented an IFS journal monitor that records when a new object is created in a specified IFS directory. In this issue, Carsten extends the functionality of that utility by adding programs that check for object locks on the new IFS object and process the file. The utility consists of […]