Tips for Programming and Development

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Query/400: Scanning for the Percent Symbol

Follow these steps to scan for the percent symbol (%) using the LIKE or NLIKE test in Query/400: 1. Create a table to convert the percent symbol: CrtTbl Tbl( QGPL/WLDCRDQRY ) SrcFile( *PROMPT ) TblType( *CVT ) 2. Scroll down to input hexadecimal value X’6C’ (which signifies the percent symbol) and replace the output value, […]

RPG Compares and Sequencing

The AS/400’s RPG compilers offer some interesting options for controlling the way characters are compared or sorted when you run a program. If a specific sort sequence has already been applied to a file read by the program, the file opcodes used against the file (CHAIN, SETLL, SETGT, READE, and READPE) work in accordance with […]

Display Long Text API

User interface API QUILNGTX (Display Long Text) provides an easy way to notify an interactive user from within an HLL program. The API displays a pop-up window containing a specified string of text. You supply a character string (up to 157,287,640 bytes long!), the string length, an optional message ID and message file name, and […]

Query/400 Julian Date Conversion

According to the Query/400 Use manual (SC41-5210), a seven-byte character string used with the DATE function is considered to be a Julian date in the format ccyyddd. To convert a Julian date in the format yyddd or cyyddd to a date data type date, you can use an expression such as the following: DATE(SUBSTR(DIGITS(1900000 + […]