Finding IBM i Message Descriptions

Last time, I discussed and demonstrated some of the uses for which IBM i message descriptions provide a flexible and versatile foundation (“Copying System i Message Descriptions,” March 26, 2009, article ID 57897 at Today, I continue the coverage of IBM i message descriptions and focus on some of the purposes the operating system […]

Copying System i Message Descriptions

Message files and message descriptions offer a convenient method of storing messages and text. The IBM i OS itself makes extensive use of message descriptions for all sorts of user communication, program to program messages, display panel constants, command definition prompts, and error text to mention some of the most prominent and visual employments. I’ve […]

Pop-Up Break Message Window Utility

This issue’s utility by Carsten Flensburg is a very handy program that displays a pop-up window in your 5250 screen whenever you receive a break message. When a message is sent to your message queue, a pop-up window displays, overlaying part of your screen, then disappears after three seconds (or until you press Enter), then […]

APIs by Example: Job Log Message APIs

This installment of APIs by Example shows how to use API QGYOLJBL to retrieve job log messages. This API lists messages from the specified job’s job log in sending date and time order. Replies to any inquiry messages are listed immediately after the inquiry message with which they are associated. In addition to API QGYOLJBL, […]