About API – my my

“API – my my” contains all my various API examples developed through a long period of time. Feel free to download any example you wish. You can see the “newest” ones (dating back to 2014 – maybe new API examples will be posted this year but I make no promises) to your left or you can use the archive or the categories to find your way around.

Click on “Articles” at the top of the page to get to all the articles. I have tried to give a short excerpt of the topic of the article in the top, and you can use the link in the post to read the full article if you like. When viewing an article you can click the PRINT button to improve the code formatting within the article.

If you wish to make it easier on yourself you can also just download the save file containing all the source code. The save file is uploaded as a zip file named TipSrc.zip. Please note that the source code link in each post is also linking to the save file containing all the source code.

Postscript: Please also note that for articles published after the initial upload, the associating source files have been made available in the same location as the save file in the form of individual zip files per article. I have also made iProDeveloper ebooks, webcasts and digital magazines available in a separate iProDeveloper Extras space.

The iProDeveloper website no longer exists and all archived articles are therefore no longer accessible. I have included a zip-file with printed pdf-versions of my previously published articles for you to download at the same location as the source code. The zip-file is named iProDeveloper_Articles.

Note: If you find my articles and code helpful, please consider donating to the fundraiser for my very dear friend Lillian Boutté, New Orleans vocalist and long time Jazz Ambassador to the city, who is suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s – any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you!