The Print SSL Trace Data (PRTSSLTRC) command

I think the most common reason for investigating a server’s SSL connections and the protocol version associated with these connections is tightly related to audit and compliance. The type of encryption applied to your SSL traffic can be more or less vulnerable, depending on the cipher algorithms involved. In general you have two considerations to […]

3 CL Commands to Manage Digital Certificates

3 CL commands help you manage business-critical IBM i digital certificates. I recently enjoyed spending a couple of days at a IBM technical convention here in Copenhagen. The many interesting and current topics discussed at the event included digital certificates and their vital role in authenticating and securing a modern communication and transaction infrastructure. One […]

Keeping System Resource Security Under Control

Effectively securing your system’s resources in terms of applications and business data takes a lot of effort. It also requires a well-devised strategy as well as comprehensive planning and implementation measures. As in many of life’s circumstances, good intentions will take you only part of the way. Upon successful completion of all planned activities, you’ll […]

Carsten’s Corner: Update All Object Authority Attributes in One Single Step

In my recent article presenting the Copy User Authority (CPYUSRAUT) and the Start Program Adoption (STRPGMADP) commands, I mentioned a requirement I was facing some time ago. As part of an attempt to streamline the move-object-to-production process, I wanted to create a function that would set the object ownership, object primary group, object authorization list […]