Writing RPG Code Then and Now

It recently occurred to me that I’ve been programming longer than I’ve done anything else in my professional life. It’s scary — there’s still so much to learn and comprehend, and so many hard-acquired skills seem to last only so long before emerging new technologies, methodologies, and programming languages du jour take over the agenda. […]

RPG Compares and Sequencing

The AS/400’s RPG compilers offer some interesting options for controlling the way characters are compared or sorted when you run a program. If a specific sort sequence has already been applied to a file read by the program, the file opcodes used against the file (CHAIN, SETLL, SETGT, READE, and READPE) work in accordance with […]

Display Long Text API

User interface API QUILNGTX (Display Long Text) provides an easy way to notify an interactive user from within an HLL program. The API displays a pop-up window containing a specified string of text. You supply a character string (up to 157,287,640 bytes long!), the string length, an optional message ID and message file name, and […]