APIs by Example: Authorization List APIs and Secured Objects

Authorization lists offer an effective and flexible method of securing sensitive objects and data. With a single authorization list, you can manage access to many objects and, for data files, this management can take place even while the file is open and in use. For these and other reasons, authorization lists are instrumental in most contemporary security models. Today I demonstrate a couple of APIs that retrieve information about authorization lists.

One of these APIs was recently added to the security-related API category. As a matter of fact, V5R4 is the first release to include the Retrieve Authorization List Information (QSYRTVAI) API in the base install. But even before the general availability of V5R4, this API was available through PTFs for V5R2 and V5R3. It’s also included in recent CUM packages for both releases.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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