Carsten’s Corner: New Work with Database Server Jobs Command

If you want to monitor and control the database server jobs running on an IBM I, there’s now a Work with Database Server Jobs (WRKDBSJOB) command that I’ve written to help you manage those tasks. Database server jobs perform the actual database access and data processing for various clients connecting to your system, including DDM/RDB, SQL, and JDBC /ODBC clients.

In many situations it’s very useful to be able to quickly locate the specific jobs that are currently accessing the databases on your system. You then have the opportunity to identify the type of work being performed against specific tables, analyze the entries in the job’s job log, verify the job’s library list as well as examine the job open files’ I/O statistics, and view the last SQL statement processed in the job.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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