APIs by Example: Retrieve Job Description Information API

Job descriptions play a very important role in work management on the i5. Whenever an interactive, batch, autostart, or prestart job begins its life, a number of significant job attributes are retrieved from the job description assigned to that job. As a consequence, job descriptions need to be carefully created, managed, and assigned, or unexpected and serious problems might be the outcome.

As programmers, we can help avoid these problems by writing utilities that make the system administrator’s job easier. To write utilities that work with job descriptions, understanding the Retrieve Job Description Information (QWDRJOBD) API is helpful.

For example, if a library contained in the initial library list of a job description is deleted, and that job description is assigned to a user profile, the user profile in question can no longer sign on to the system but instead receives the error message “CPF1113 Library in initial library list not found.” To help avoid such situations, and provide a working example of the QWDRJOBD API, I’ve written the Work with Referenced Job Descriptions (WRKREFJOBD) command.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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