Retrieve Journal Entry Exit Program

The Retrieve Journal Entry (RTVJRNE) command enables you to either retrieve journal entries from your program or to specify an exit program to automatically receive journal entries as they are written to a journal receiver. The latter method, using an exit program, was incorporated in the DspAudLog utility published in the June 2000 issue of […]

Pop-Up Break Message Window Utility

This issue’s utility by Carsten Flensburg is a very handy program that displays a pop-up window in your 5250 screen whenever you receive a break message. When a message is sent to your message queue, a pop-up window displays, overlaying part of your screen, then disappears after three seconds (or until you press Enter), then […]

Automatic Spool Rerouting

This issue’s utility by Carsten Flensburg is similar to last issue’s utility in that it shows how to process data queue entries sent to a data queue attached to a spool output queue. These data queue entries are generated each time a spool file with a Ready (RDY) status is created on the output queue. […]