APIs by Example: Physical File Triggers and the QDBRTVFD API

Accessing physical file trigger details is easy with this API.

In the words of the API manual, the Retrieve Database File Description (QDBRTVFD) API “allows you to get complete and specific information about a file on a local or remote system.” This statement is certainly no exaggeration. At times, you may find the amount and complexity of the information returned by the QDBRTVFD API slightly overwhelming. To show how this API works, I exploit QDBRTVFD to gain access to details about the triggers associated with a specified physical file.

When it comes to creating and managing physical file triggers, we can use native CL commands and SQL statements, but so far, we still lack a CL command for listing and working with the triggers defined for a physical file. Employing the QDBRTVFD API and User Interface Manager programming techniques, however, provides an easy solution for that insufficient situation. Here, we look at the new Work with Physical File (WRKPFTRG) command, based on the trigger information that the QDBRTVFD API makes available.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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