Working with NetServer Information and All the Server Support APIs

Today, I complete the article series covering the Server Support APIs and that so far has brought you a number of NetServer CL commands based on these APIs. The NetServer command at this point missing in the aforementioned collection is the Work with NetServer (WRKNETSVR) command. The WRKNETSVR command employs the Open List of Server Information (QZLSOLST) API discussed in detail in the recent installment of APIs by Example, and further provides an interface to NetServer-related functionality, such as NetServer share management, NetServer user management, and NetServer session management.

This NetServer-related functionality is based on yet another range of Server Support APIs that I’ve previously presented in a series of articles in the System iNetwork Systems Management newsletter, and that provide CL management commands for a variety of NetServer management tasks. Because these commands, in addition to providing NetServer management capabilities, also demonstrate the use of the involved Server Support APIs, all these utilities have been included with the download zip file for this article. For a brief discussion of each of the NetServer utilities, please look up the accompanying articles, to which links have been provided at the end of today’s article.

This article therefore includes a total of 10 NetServer CL commands and corresponding Server Support API examples. The WRKNETSVR command and the commands invoked from the WRKNETSVR command’s list panel are additionally taking advantage of a number of Work Management CL commands delivered with recent installments of the APIs by Example column. At the end of this article, I’ve included links to the APIs by Example articles discussing and documenting these prerequisite CL commands, so if you haven’t already done so, be sure to download and install all the utilities from these articles if you want the WRKNETSVR command to be fully functional.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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