Carsten’s Corner: Analyzing Registered Exit Programs: PRTREGEXIT Revisited

The IBM command Work With Registration Info (WRKREGINF) shows information about exit Points and exit programs. Exit programs allow you to hook your own custom logic into IBM processes.

For example, the IBM Exit Point QIBM_QSY_CRT_PROFILE allows you to perform your own custom processing whenever a user profile is created. You register your exit program at the exit point using the command Add Exit Program (ADDEXITPGM). In a previous newsletter article, Dan Riehl presented an exit program for this exit point. The CL program CRTPRFEXIT is an exit program that changes the owner of all newly created user profiles to QSECOFR.

When attempting to review the exit programs on the system, the WRKREGINF command is a bit unwieldy. You can use the WRKREGINF OUTPUT(*PRINT) option to get a printed list of the exit points and registered exit programs, but it’s a bit difficult to hone in on the exit points of interest. If I’m attempting to get a list of all my own custom exit programs or other vendor supplied exit programs, WRKREGINF is not very friendly. It lists all the exit points and all the exit programs, when what I really want to see is only a subset. So I wrote the command Print Registered Exit Programs (PRTREGEXIT) to provide a way to show only the information I want.

The PRTREGEXIT command was originally published in our System iNetwork Systems Management Newsletter back in 2005. Based upon some great feedback from readers, I’ve updated the command to add a number of command special values that can act as filters to allow you to focus only on the exit programs of interest. You can view that original article to see many of the specifics regarding the command and the printed report.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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