One Job Schedule Entry API and Four New Job Schedule Entry Commands

In today’s APIs by Example, I demonstrate the List Job Schedule Entries (QWCLSCDE) API, which has been around since its introduction with release 2.2 of the IBM i OS. Certainly, this is an aged and typical API in terms of listing its output to a user space (a topic I’ve covered on earlier occasions in this column). The primary reason for revisiting this API now is a reader request for an API example enhancing the native offer of job schedule entry commands, including the functionality provided by these commands.

One of the requirements that the reader needed to be met included creating a Copy Job Schedule Entry (CPYJOBSCDE) command. Another involved the need to add further selection criteria to the Work with Job Schedule Entries (WRKJOBSCDE) command as well as add more details to the printed output this command offers. In the process, I further decided to include a Display Job Schedule Entry (DSPJOBSCDE) command to support a direct display of a known schedule entry. And the inclusion of a Submit Job Schedule Entry (SBMJOBSCDE) command enabled me to take long-needed control of the job attributes employed when a job schedule entry is submitted immediately.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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