Carsten’s Corner: PTF Delivers Add Query Reference Information Program

In a recent thread on , Chuck R. Pence of IBM discussed a program named QQUIWHOI that was recently delivered by IBM with a PTF for release 6.1. The program has the capability to perform mass updating of query definitions to include file reference information.

The QQUIWHOI program updates query definition objects (external object type *QRYDFN) to include where-used information about the input and output files used by a query. This information is stored in the Object Information Repository (OIR), which serves as the basis for the reports and output files produced by the Display Program References (DSPPPGMREF) command. The information would, however, not be present in the query object’s OIR until the query object had been updated and subsequently saved on release 6.1 or later.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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