Carsten’s Corner – New Command to List PTF Groups

Since the introduction of Group PTFs, it has become a little easier for system administrators to monitor and work with IBM i’s current PTF status. The Work with PTF Groups (WRKPTFGRP) command lists all currently installed or registered group PTFs, including the cumulative PTF (CUM) package, showing the current level and status as well as the PTF group’s text description.

The WRKPTFGRP list panel’s function key F6 also lets you print a group PTF list with your job’s current spooled output. If you manage more than one system and want to compare group PTF levels or need to keep an online inventory of your current group PTF level, you are, however, in for a challenge because there’s no output file option for the WRKPTFGRP command. To cover that missing angle, I decided to write a List PTF Groups (LSTPTFGRP) command.

In a recent article, I presented Work with Command Security (WRKCMDSEC), and for that command, I had to include an output file option. So for the output file part of the equation, I had the necessary building blocks. To obtain the group PTF information, a quick search in the IBM Information Center’s API section turned up the List PTF Groups (QpzListPtfGroups) API, which delivers the current system’s group PTF information to a user space.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

3 thoughts on “Carsten’s Corner – New Command to List PTF Groups

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in your LSTPTFCMD code.
    I have set up an account as requested, then I got a verification email and clucked the verification link.
    Then I got the message Sorry, there was a problem verifying your account.
    Perhaps your site is no longer active, but I wonder if you could still send me software for this command.
    Many thanks,
    Bob Kemp


  2. I can now see the file library but no sign of the LSTPTFGRP code.
    A shame because it was just what I was looking for.


    1. Hello Bob,

      The source is located in the TIPSRC save file found here:

      The sources needed to create the LSTPTFGRP command are named:

      Member      Type        Text                              
      CBX802      RPGLE       List PTF Groups - CPP             
      CBX802F     PF          Group PTF information output file 
      CBX802H     PNLGRP      List PTF Groups - Help            
      CBX802M     CLP         List PTF Groups - Build commands  
      CBX802X     CMD         List PTF Groups                   

      Let me know if you have any difficulties making it work.



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