Carsten’s Corner – New Subsystem Entry Commands – Part 3

In the past two articles I have presented four new subsystem entry commands and also a couple of other subsystem entry related commands. The commands presented so far include the WRKRTGE, WRKJOBQE, WRKAJE, WRKPJE as well as the WRKJOBQJOB and SBMJOBDJOB commands. In today’s article I will cover the remaining two subsystem entry types, communications entries and work station entries.

Adding to the aforementioned previously published commands this article will introduce you to the Work with Communication Entries (WRKCMNE) and the Work with Work Station Entries (WRKWSE) commands. The WRKWSE command supports both name and type work station entries. Completing the subsystem entry suite of commands will enable you to perform all subsystem entry maintenance using a list panel interface, as opposed to entering the various commands and parameters on a command line.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article.

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