APIs by Example: Listing and Working with Validation List Entries

Today I’m offering you the last piece of the Validation List puzzle I’ve presented in recent installments of the APIs by Example series. The pieces provided so far include the WRKVLDL, CLRVLDL, CVTVLDL, ADDVLDLE, DSPVLDLE, VFYVLDLE, CHGVLDLE, and RMVVLDLE CL commands. To complete the series, I provide the Work with Validation List Entries (WRKVLDLE) command as well as the Validation List Menu (CMDVLDL2) that consolidates all the validation list utilities I’ve presented.

I’ve also added a minor enhancement to the previously published DSPVLDLE utility to include the validation list entry’s encryption attribute. Furthermore, I’ve updated the command’s parameter interface to make it consistent with the other validation list entry commands. When you total them up, you’ll notice that there are quite a lot of source members to download at the end of this article!

The Work with Validation List Entry (WRKVLDLE) command is the missing link in the catalogue of validation list commands presented so far.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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