APIs by Example: Adding to the Collection of Validation List Commands

Last time, I presented four new CL commands covering a validation list entry’s life cycle in terms of validation list entry management. If you missed that article, now is the time to go back and learn more about the ADDVLDLE, VFYVLDLE, CHGVLDLE, and RMVVLDLE commands. As I mentioned in the closing paragraph of that article, today’s focus will be on the validation list object itself, as well as on a couple of new CL commands that ease the use and management of validation.

If you’re on an IBM i command line, run the command GO CMDVLDL, and you’ll see that the operating system includes two native validation list CL commands: Create Validation List (CRTVLDL) and Delete Validation List (DLTVLDL). Programming for and in the context of working with validation lists, this offer is at least two commands short. So to fill that gap, today’s APIs by Example adds two new commands to the collection: Work with Validation List (WRKVLDL) and Clear Validation List (CLRVLDL). Today’s article also gives me an opportunity to briefly discuss the validation list object and how this object type is implemented on the IBM i.

As for the latter, validation lists are in the perspective of the system an object of internal type x’0E’, or in other terms an independent index, a property it shares with many other IBM i objects. It’s the object’s internal subtype x’10’ that identifies an object as a validation list.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article


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