Simplify Upgrades with New APIs

IBM recently released three software agreement and upgrade APIs (one is 5.2, the two others are 5.4). To make it easier to take advantage of these, I have created three corresponding CL commands:

  • The command CHKSFWAGR(Check Software Agreement) uses the QLPRAGR API.
  • The command ACPSFWAGR(Accept Software Agreement) uses the QLPACAGR API.
  • The command ALCLCSPC(Allocate LIC Space) uses the QLPALCSP API.

The three APIs, which I have front-ended with command descriptions, provide the following functionality:

Check Software Agreement (API QLPRAGR; 5.4) –This command allows you to verify the actual software agreement status for a specific product.

Accept Software Agreement (API QLPACAGR; V5R2) –Some licensed programs will present a display panel during installation to prompt the operator to accept the software agreement prior to installation. To be able to install such a product without operator intervention, you can run this command before the installation process.

Allocate Licensed Internal Code (LIC) Space (API QLPALCSP; V5R4) –This command should be run prior to upgrading to the next release. It instructs the system to allocate any additional LIC space required for the upgrade. This will speed up the actual upgrade processing time. This API has been provided for back-level systems by means of PTFs. If you are running 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3, check out APARs SE21133, SE21040, SE15828, and SE21069 to verify that you have the required PTFs installed.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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