What Exactly Are You Journaling?

Many of us use the i/OS journaling facility to log changes to database files, IFS files, data areas, and data queues. But beware that it takes a lot of planning to develop and implement a solid journaling strategy. You need to determine what libraries are involved, what object types to journal, and which applications are dependent on journaling before getting started.

And after implementing your journaling plan, how do you ensure that your implementation remains uncorrupted and that you are always journaling the correct files? What if someone re-created a database file, but forgot to start journaling the file? What if during maintenance someone stopped journaling a critical data area? What if a restore causes your journaling implementation to get corrupted?

Well, here’s a command you can use as your daily journal integrity check: PRTJRNRPT (Print Journal Report) will list the journaled and non-journaled objects in a library.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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