Query Governor Control System for V5R4

Are you sick of queries eating your lunch? In this and upcoming issues of the newsletter, Carsten provides us with a control system for easily managing query attributes and optimizing query performance by User Profile.

The control system consists partly of the custom-written commands presented here, including ADDUSRQRYA (Add User Query Attributes), CHGUSRQRYA (Change User Query Attributes), and RMVUSRQRYA (Remove User Query Attributes). These commands interact with the provided Query Governor Exit Point program to put you in control of the queries your users run. (Look for other commands in an upcoming issue.)

With these commands, you can specify an interactive query time limit and a QAQQINI query options file to be used for each user profile. Using the CHGUSRQRYA command, you can also temporarily override the interactive query time limit and allow interactive queries to run for the specified user, regardless of the estimated query run time and without changing the interactive query time limit.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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