Writing RPG Applications Using Cryptographic Services APIs

The need to protect sensitive and private data using cryptographic methods is becoming increasingly important to many organizations. The drivers behind this development are legislation, regulations, standards as well as current types of applications requiring such measures and efforts.

Fortunately, the System i operating system includes a versatile, comprehensive and advanced cryptographic API tool set, being significantly enhanced with each release. This session discusses and demonstrates how to design and build RPG applications using the Cryptographic Services APIs.

Objectives of this presentation:

  • Discuss the considerations involved in preparing for an encryption project
  • Learn how to design and develop applications using the Cryptographic Services APIs
  • Show you where to find information and code examples to get you started in the right direction

To prepare, organize and execute a data encryption project successfully it is essential to approach and progress the project thoroughly and methodically.

Done right data encryption provides another strong and secure protection layer for your data. Done wrong you not only risk to expose your vital and confidential business data with all the potential damages and huge costs involved, but you also risk to be unable to restore access to your data, which eventually could impose even worse consequences to your business as well as to your reliability with your business partners.

So here’s a brief discussion of the elements and aspects to consider when starting an encryption project:

  1. Prepare encryption project
  2. Organize encryption project
  3. Execute encryption project

Download the full powerpoint presentation.

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