APIs by Example: Commands and Utilities–API Examples Revisited

The APIs by Example column provides useful coding examples of the many different APIs and API types that IBM provides in increasing numbers for each i5/OS release. The original idea was to establish a library of API samples for you to use as a starting point when faced with a programming challenge involving APIs. Over time, this intention has grown into putting the APIs in the context of CL commands and utilities in an attempt to add a practical and hopefully inspiring context to the many API code samples.

Today, I reverse the spotlight and cover the many commands and utilities that this column has introduced over the years. Although the APIs I mentioned in the titles and discussed in the articles might not have caught your eye back then, there’s still a chance that the commands could be useful, whether directly or in adapted form. So I’ve spent a little time in the archives digging up more than 50 previously published API-based CL commands and utilities with the intention of giving you the opportunity of breathing new life into them.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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