Retrieve CL Command Attributes with RTVCMDINF

IBM has provided great CL commands to retrieve information about user profiles, objects, members, job information, system values, and more in commands like RTVUSRPRF, RTVOBJD, RTVMBRD, RTVJOBA, and RVSYSVAL.

But what about when you want to know about CL command attributes? There is no IBM-supplied command to retrieve command attributes into a program. For this issue, I have created the command RTVCMDINF (Retrieve Command Information) for those times when you need to gather information such as “What commands can be used by limited capability users by way of the ALWLMTUSR attribute?”, or “What commands add a library to the job’s library list through the PRODLIB attribute?”

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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