Retrieve and Display a User’s E-mail Address in Control Language

Most of us today use e-mail as one of our primary communication vehicles. The i/OS has built-in support for e-mail facilities that allow you to use the Post Office Protocol (POP) for an inbound e-mail server and/or the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) for an outbound e-mail server. It’s quite nice to get an e-mail from a i/OS application program when an event occurs that you want to know about. You can also use e-mail as a means of report distribution.

i/OS e-mail does require some configuration steps. Thankfully, IBM has created and maintains a web page that contains e-mail information and links to everything there is to know about the topic.

With the above web page as a starting point it can be quite simple to get up and running on i/OS e-mail.

When a user is registered on the System i as an SMTP user, a directory entry is made using the WRKDIRE (Work with Directory Entries) command. Here, you can specify the user’s e-mail address. But once in the directory, there has been no easy way to get the e-mail address into a program…until now.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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