APIs by Example: The Save to Application API and Exit Program

At first glance, the Save to Application (QaneSava) API looks complicated, and its purpose might seem unclear. The QaneSava API lets you intercept the save file records generated by one of up to eight different save commands or APIs. Instead of directing the save records to a save file, the QaneSava API intercepts and routes the save records to an API-parameter-defined, user-written exit program. In a moment, I discuss how this is done. In addition, getting direct and immediate access to the save file records is useful for at least a couple of reasons, which I outline in this article.

Using the QaneSava API, you could transfer the save records to another system or site as the save process unfolds, instead of having to wait until the save process has completed. Another option would be to encrypt the save records before storing them on a medium of your choice. The QaneSava API of course has a counterpart in the QaneRsta (Restore from Application) API, which lets you reverse the process, bringing the entire save/restore process within reach of your programming skills. Today, I focus on the save perspective, and to demonstrate the QaneSava API and the related Save to Application Exit Program, I created the Save Object to Stream File (SAVOBJSTMF) command.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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