Which Objects Aren’t Being Journaled? Use PRTJRNRPT to Find Out

Do you have objects that need to be journaled for your recovery plan or high availability system to work correctly? What if all the objects you think are being journaled are really not? If you can easily identify the objects that are not being journaled, you can correct the problem and get your plan back on track.

You can always use the WRKJRNA (Work with Journal Attributes) command to look at the attributes of a journal so you can determine which objects ARE being journaled to a specific journal. But what about when you hope all files are being journaled and you really just need confirmation?

Well, the command you need is PRTJRNRPT (Print Journal Report), which will not only tell you what objects are NOT being journaled, but will also tell you what IS being journaled. The command allows you to specify a library name, (*LIBL, *CURLIB, etc.) and allows you to specify if you want a list of journaled, or non-journaled objects, the object types you are interested in, and the report order, such as Object Order, Library/Object order, or Journal order.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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