WRKJOB Enhanced to Run Commands in other Jobs

In my recent utilities, I have presented the RUNJOBCMD (Run Job Command) that allows you to send a command to run in another job. This utility was updated from my 2005 article so that it would work with the i5/OS V5R4 restrictions on interrupting a job. In conjunction, I also presented the utilities to Query and Change a Job’s Interrupt Status (RTVJOBIPTS and CHGJOBITPS) at V5R4 and above.

In V5R4, a job must be tweaked to allow an interrupt to run a command sent from another job. CHGJOBITPS does the tweak.

Soon after I began using the RUNJOBCMD command heavily, it became evident to me that I really needed to provide a front-end to this utility to help me quickly locate the correct job in which to run a command as well as easily submit that command without having to note and specify the fully qualified job name.

But I hadn’t spent much time at the drawing board when I realized that I had already written a command allowing a user to select specific jobs based on a set of criteria: The WRKJOBS (Work with Jobs) command that I created some time ago and that had served as an example of how to take advantage of Open List APIs, in an article published in the September 2006 issue of System iNEWS. So, I simply decided to adapt the WRKJOBS command to include an option 14, enabling a user to run the RUNJOBCMD command for a selected job or jobs.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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