Sending Commands to Another Job – Revisited for i5/OS V5R4

This article presents an update to the Run Job Command (RUNJOBCMD) published in the May 25, 2005, issue of the Systems Management Newsletter.

Reading the aforementioned article reveals that the original RUNJOBCMD command exploited a feature of the Trace Job command. This allowed you to specify an exit program to be run as part of the job trace, which combined with the Start Service Job (STRSRVJOB) command that enables you to run the trace and exit program in another job, ultimately lead to the often sought option of running a command in another job.

Due to restrictions imposed by IBM on the TRCJOB command on V5R4, disabling the exit program parameter, this setup no longer works from that release and onward. Instead, IBM has introduced the concept of Job Interrupt Programs and Job Interrupt Status, which will enable you to run programs in other jobs, provided that these jobs have been allowed to let that happen. Jason Spieth of IBM discussed this new facility in detail in his great article in the April 2006 issue of System iNEWS.

This API by Examples article involves the Allow jobs to be interrupted (QALWJOBITP) system value as well as the Call job interrupt program (QWCJBITP) API.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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