APIs by Example: Cryptographic Key Management – Testing and Clearing Master Keys

In a previous newsletter, I introduced a new suite of master key management APIs called the Cryptographic Services APIs and explained the Load Master Key Part (LODMSTKP) and Set Master Key (SETMSTK) commands, which provide interfaces to their identical API counterparts. This time around, I complete my introduction to master key management APIs with a discussion of the Test Master Key (TSTMSTK) and Clear Master Key (CLRMSTK) commands.

I also briefly discuss the technology available to establish the secure infrastructure required to keep the transmission of data between Telnet or iSeries Access terminal sessions and the System i away from prying eyes. This is particularly of interest when you perform cryptographic operations from a command line.

As I mentioned last time, V5R4 provides built-in support of cryptographic key management, so you need it to take advantage of the master key commands and APIs presented in this article.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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