Retrieve Program Interface Information API Made Available with V5R4 PTF Set

In the article titled “APIs by Example: APIs and CL Command Interfaces” (October 22, 2006, article ID 53438) I mentioned the Retrieve Program Interface Information (QBNRPII) API that IBM had under development. In this article, I give you an update on that API, including the PTF numbers you need to install, and the APARs that document how it works.

A set of V5R4 PTFs recently released by IBM introduces compiler and API support for storing and retrieving program interface information in Program Call Markup Language (PCML) format. The support of storing PCML instructions in the created program object currently applies only to the ILE Cobol and ILE RPG compilers, and IBM currently has no plans to include other compilers. More specifically the ILE compilers have been enabled to store program interface information within *MODULE, *PGM and *SRVPGM objects.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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