APIs by Example: Working with Database Files, Fields and More

The past couple of installments of APIs by Example dealt with database-related topics and utilities, and showed API-driven examples of how to take advantage of APIs when supporting the everyday tasks of a business application programmer.

Today I continue down that path and present the Work with Database Files (WRKDBF) and Display File Field Descriptions (DSPFFD2) commands. Because I’m aiming to provide a useful set of database tools for programmers, I’ve also included links to a very powerful freeware utility called UNDEL2 that lets you undelete previously deleted records in a database file.

The WRKDBF command offers a front end to the commands presented earlier, the DSPFFD2 command included today, and native IBM file-related commands -– and finally (and optionally) the freeware tool UNDEL2, which was written by Dave McKenzie. I’ve included a couple of links at the end of this article pointing you to sites where you can download the UNDEL2 utility. Be sure to read and fully comprehend the README file included with the download before you attempt to install and run the UNDEL2 command on your system.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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