APIs by Example: Do You Need Help?

Getting help exactly where and when you need it certainly increases the value of the help you get. And as a programmer, you can add value to the commands and utilities you write by providing online help, which in turn gives your users a fair chance to both fully exploit and correctly use the outcome of your efforts.

Today’s APIs by Example is about both getting and providing help in a useful and timely fashion. I provide two new CL commands that will help you get at the information you need for your daily programming tasks and successfully help your users.

As for the “getting help” part, IBM, up to V4R4, published a comprehensive yet compact manual called the Programming Reference Summary. In it, you can find a wealth of information dealing with all kinds of documentation that a programmer would need and seek on a daily basis. You can find links to the final version of the Programming Reference Summary manual at the end of the article.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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