Enhanced Command to Work with Journals – WRKJRN2

Inspired by an article written by Dan Riehl that describes a runaway journal receiver directory scenario, as well as by my own disappointment in IBM’s Work with Journal (WRKJRN) command’s usefulness in the daily journal administration, I’ve created a Work with Journal 2 (WRKJRN2) command. This command lets you specify the journal name, library, output, and list order directly on the command line without having to first run the command. This improvement also lets you run the command for a specific journal selection from a menu or a program.

The display presented by the command shows journal type and state; journal receiver count and aggregate size; currently attached; and the oldest receiver in the receiver directory (along with other information). All this information provides an instant overview of your current journal status. You can create, change, and delete a journal, and issue the Work with Journal Attributes and Work with Object commands against the listed journals from the panel. The function keys include shortcuts to the Create Journal and the native Work with Journal commands, as well as to the Journal Commands Menu.

This provides a faster and more convenient interface to the daily monitoring and administration of your system’s journals. Please note that depending on the number of journals and journal receivers on your system, as well as the current system workload, the time required for the WRKJRN2 command to collect the requested information will vary.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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