APIs by Example: Valid Target Release Levels for Save Commands

In a recent thread in the System iNetwork forums, the question came up whether it is possible to programmatically retrieve the supported target release values for the Save Object (SAVOBJ) and Save Library (SAVLIB) commands for any given release. There is actually a positive answer to that question, as long as you use APIs.

In this article, I present and demonstrate a couple of software product APIs that, when joining forces, can produce the information sought in the above thread. The Retrieve Product Information (QSZRTVPR) API can produce a wide range of information about a particular software product, including a list of valid operating system releases. The Check Target Release (QSZCHKTG) API has, among other things, the ability to verify if a specific release is a supported target release for the current release level’s save commands.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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