Display Active and Waiting Jobs and Corresponding Job Queues

The final installment of my Display Work Management commands suite is the Display Job Queue Jobs (DSPJOBQJOB) command.

Did you ever wonder what JOBQ an active job came from? This can be really important when you try to decide whether a job in a queue needs to be moved to another queue. If you just move a job to another queue that cannot release an additional job, you’re still in the same boat after you move it. This command shows you which jobs came from which job queues, and which jobs are backed up in the job queue.

The command lists all jobs currently waiting in the queue and jobs that are active that came from that job queue. You can run the DSPJOBQJOB command from a command line and from the Display Subsystem Job Queue (DSPSBSJOBQ) command’s display panel. The DSPSBSJOBQ command was presented in the previous installment of this article series, links to the previous utilities are provided at the end of this article.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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