APIs by Example: Data Queue APIs and CL Commands, Part 4

This week, I’m joining the threads from all three previous installments of this article series in a new, alternate Work with Data Queues (WRKDTAQ2) command. The WRKDTAQ2 command offers a Work-with interface to the new data queue commands that I’ve published so far:

The Send Data Queue Entry (SNDDTAQE), Copy Data Queue Description (CPYDTAQD), Clear Data Queue (CLRDTAQ), Display Data Queue Description (DSPDTAQD), and Display Data Queue Entries (DSPDTAQE) commands are all available from the Work with Data Queues panel, as are the native commands Create Data Queue (CRTDTAQ), Delete Data Queue (DLTDTAQ) and Change Object Description (CHGOBJD).

Today, I also briefly discuss some of the data queue interfaces that various system functions use to communicate with user-written applications. These add some interesting options to help programmers solve technical challenges difficult to overcome otherwise. I also include links to IBM documentation as well as specific code examples.

The WRKDTAQ2 command’s purpose is to offer an interface that makes it easier and faster to work with data queues during development of data queue–driven applications. The command also helps overcome data queue administration difficulties. The WRKDTAQ2 command lets you perform all available operations against data queues from one panel and keeps all data queue CL commands in one spot.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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