Displaying User Jobs – But No Changes Allowed with Command DSPUSRJOB

Here’s the Display User Jobs (DSPUSRJOB) command, which I created to give users, super users, and novice operators a simple and safe interface to monitor specific user’s jobs in different statuses.

Commands such as WRKJOB, WRKUSRJOB, and WRKACTJOB also let users change jobs. If command authorizations and special authorities are managed carefully and correctly, users can only change, hold, or end their own jobs, but that can be disastrous enough. If a user, for example, chooses to end an active batch job currently updating your accounting system — or changes a job’s priority on the job queue, allowing it to run simultaneously with another job, updating the same files and records — you can potentially spend lots of time cleaning up the mess.

So to reduce the number of calls to the help desk, without compromising system work management principles and configuration, I’ve created this command. Other commands will appear in this newsletter during 2007 as well.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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