APIs by Example: APIs and CL Command Interfaces

IBM provides some APIs that let specific system functions be performed from within a program, as opposed to, for example, from the iSeries Navigator GUI. And sometimes IBM provides new APIs through a PTF, so that the API becomes immediately available for current or previous releases.

Today’s API by Example covers an API that falls into both categories: Change IPv4 Interface (QTOCC4IF). This API, part of the V5R4 base install and available to V5R2 and V5R3 through a couple of PTFs, lets you change selected parameters for an IPv4 network interface.

The V5R2/V5R3 versions of this API support only a subset of what’s available in the V5R4 API. This fact is revealed by comparing the documentation in the V5R4 Information Center with the documentation in APAR 19172.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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