APIs by Example: Locales, APIs, and Time Zones

In previous articles, I covered the time zone support introduced in V5R3 and the APIs available to exploit this feature (links to these past articles are at the end of this article). However, the native i5/OS time zone support has not been fully implemented yet. Currently the job time zone attribute is merely copied from the time zone system value, so the system currently has no support for setting up different time zones for different users or subsystems.

However, i5/OS already supports locales. These provide an alternative to control time zone at job or user level, but this alternative involves some programming effort. Locales are the focus of this week’s APIs by Example.

Locales are intended to enable an application for internationalization, also known as application globalization, in which you ensure that the application can be run independently of language, script, culture, and coded character set.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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