APIs by Example: Retrieve Subsystem Entries API

Some APIs can have very complex parameter lists and be an immense challenge to code. Other APIs, however, are pretty straightforward to tackle. Nevertheless there’s also a first time when it comes to making the acquaintance of such “easy” APIs, so this is the topic for today’s API by Example.

In fact, the List Subsystem Entries (QWDLSBSE) API has only four parameters, one of which is the common API error data structure, so calling the API correctly should hardly pose any insuperable problems. The API returns the subsystem entry information in a user space, and I therefore focus on the techniques involved in accessing and retrieving API output from user spaces. To wrap it all up in a practicable context, I’ve written the Work with Routing Entry (WRKRTGE) command.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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