APIs by Example: Authorization List APIs and Secured Objects, Part 2

As I discussed last time in APIs by Example, currently no command exists to list the IFS directory objects secured by a specific authorization list. To fill that gap, I provide the Display Authorization List IFS Objects (DSPAUTLIFS) command in this article. To do that, I use the sample program for the List Objects Secured by Authorization List (QSYLATLO) API that I presented in part one of this article (a link to part one is at the end of this article).

The QSYLATLO API returns the secured object information to a user space, and last time, I described in detail how that information is retrieved. So to create the DSPAUTLIFS command, I simply add a UIM list panel group and, for each IFS object returned, write the object information to the list.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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